You can take comfort in Kansas City Life Insurance Company’s history and heritage. Starting in 1895, the Company has stood strong through the years and continues to provide Security Assured to its policyholders and clients.

  • Kansas City Life Insurance Company was founded on May 1, 1895. It was originally chartered as Bankers Life Association.
  • The Company began issuing policies on November 5, 1895. The first death claim was paid during the first year of business.
  • The Company built a large Home Office building in 1924; it is the same building the Company is housed in today. An addition was added in the 1980s to accommodate growth.
  • From 1904-1937, Kansas City Life was led by J.B. Reynolds. During his presidency, in force business grew from $2 million to $262 million.
  • In 1945, the Company celebrated its 50th anniversary. At that time, W.E. Bixby, J.B. Reynolds’ son-in-law, was serving as President.
  • In 1975, Kansas City Life created the Group Department.
  • In 1991, Kansas City Life purchased Old American Insurance Company. Today, Old American is led by Walter E. Bixby III, a grandson of W.E. Bixby.
  • In 1994, at the close of its first century of business, the Kansas City Life group of companies had $20 billion of life insurance in force.
  • In 1998 R. Philip Bixby, brother of Walter E. Bixby III and great-grandson of J.B. Reynolds, assumed presidency of Kansas City Life.
  • In 2003 the Kansas City Life group of companies purchased GuideOne Life Insurance
  • In 2018, Kansas City Life acquired Grange Life Insurance Company.
  • In 2022, Walter E. Bixby assumed presidency of Kansas City Life.