This notice describes the privacy rules the Kansas City Life Group of affiliated companies follow with respect to the non-public personal information of its customers. We follow these rules for both current and former customers.

The affiliated companies are:

  • Kansas City Life Insurance Company, Old American Insurance Company, Grange Life Insurance Company, and Sunset Life Insurance Company of America, which are life insurance companies;
  • Sunset Financial Services, Inc., a broker dealer; and
  • KCL Service Company, an insurance agency.

As we provide products and services to you, we may collect certain information. This may include information:

  • That you give us on applications and other forms;
  • About your transactions with us; such as, the kinds of products you buy and your payment history.
  • Or that we receive from outside sources; such as, a consumer reporting agency and health care providers.

We do not sell your non-public personal information to third parties. Each affiliated company will only disclose its customers’ non-public personal information:

  • among the other affiliates;
  • to provide services to its customers;
  • to administer its business;
  • to market products;
  • and, as allowed by law.

We may disclose customers’ non-public personal information to our agents. We may also disclose it to others to provide service, to help us market our own products, or to establish retained asset accounts for settlement proceeds or benefits. We will require in writing that your information be kept confidential. We will also require in writing that the information must be used only for the reason we disclosed it. This includes information we get from a consumer reporting agency. If we ever change this policy, we will give you a chance to opt out. Sometimes we acquire medical information about our customers. We may need this information to process a claim or issue a policy. We will only disclose medical information to:

  • administer our business;
  • perform services and transactions you ask for;
  • comply with laws and regulations; and
  • as you or your representative approve.

There are federal rules which may apply to use and disclosure of your personal health information if you are covered by a health insurance policy or group dental or vision insurance plan. In these cases you will receive a separate notice.

We have security controls in place to protect your non-public personal information. We limit use of our customers’ information to our employees who need such information to do their jobs; and to outside entities as required or permitted by law. We also have physical and electronic safeguards that are intended to assure the privacy of your non-public personal information.

You may review the information we have on file about you. If you think it is wrong, you may ask for a change. If we agree, we will make the change. We have the right to change our privacy rules. If we do that, we will send a written notice to all customers who may be affected by the change.