An accident can happen to anyone at any time. Recovery is something that can strain a family's budget when unexpected out-of-pocket expenses add up. With accident insurance, directly paid benefits can help take care of expenses associated with a covered injury and related services.

Kansas City Life Insurance Company offers accident insurance to provide benefits for events ranging from accidental injuries to accidental deaths. Payments are made for hospitalization, fractures and dislocations, emergency room visits, diagnostic exams, therapy services and more.

Policies may be issued with only five enrolled employees and optional features* such as a Wellness Benefit** and on-the-job coverage are also available.

Some standard features are:

  • Air and ground ambulance
  • Emergency room treatments
  • Fractures, dislocations, burns and lacerations
  • Surgery
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits
  • Coverage for spouse and children

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Accident Brochures - For Producer Use Only

*Not all optional features are available in all states.

**Wellness benefit is not available in all states.

Coverage may not be available in all states. Please contact Kansas City Life Insurance Company to confirm state availability.

Policy and certificate referenced: PJ145/CJ145.