True Group and Voluntary (10 or more employees)

Every employer is different and provides employees’ benefits in a multitude of different ways. Because of these differences, Kansas City Life Insurance Company offers a wide variety of basic life options designed for different needs. Whether an employer wants to provide a benefit schedule in a flat amount, a percentage of earnings or a combination of the two, Kansas City Life will make it easy.

And, just like every employer is different, so is every employee. Kansas City Life’s Voluntary Life plan allows employees to elect the amount of coverage that they need and pay their own premiums through payroll deduction. With this individualized option, employees may choose amounts in increments of $10,000, not to exceed $500,000, or five times their annual earnings (whichever is less).

Dependent Life is also available on Kansas City Life plans.

Features available in our contracts include:

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Coverage may not be available in all states. Please contact Kansas City Life Insurance Company to confirm state availability.

Policy and certificate referenced: PJ136/CJ136.